I bury the dream that wants me to fall...

Greetings, visitor!

Welcome to my dark lair. I invite you to look around my online home. Enjoy your stay (if you can).
This is nothing original, really. I tried my best to use as many dark clichés and stereotypes as I could. Yes, it is pure self-irony.
Don't expect creative and innovative design here - I have always believed in content over design.
Longing for the good ol' times when people had the right skills to express themselves online; when social media sites did not make life so easy for functional illiterate individuals.

This is the personal webpage of a depressed soul who still has the ability to be self-ironic enough. also the willingness to share some thoughts and images. Try to update often enough.
»» 4th September, 2019
I am so fond of this JAUP silliness that I created some more JAUP badges. Equally as useful as most JAUP-pages are.

»» 31th August, 2019
Weeeeeee! I have been JAUP-ed!
I am so proud. This says something about how serious my site is :)

»» 30th August, 2019
The site is finally up and running!
(The layout is terrible enough, and I have some contents to share with the world that would deserve something better than this.)

»» 29th August, 2019
Finally, I decided that the site should have a magenta/purple colour scheme. It is a compromiss solution, because I had to admint it's very unpleasant to read red-on-black.
At least, magenta is the most hybrid colour I can think of. 1:1 red and blue, could it be more androgynous than that?
Yet have to find the most stereotypical German Fraktur fonttype available.

»» 27th August, 2019
Editing, editing, editing.
Still unsatisfied with the results - okay, it is not a professional website, I actually enjoy the opportunity to ignore the actual web design trends and standards, but still wouldn't like it to be too substandard.

Sure that I always need to find something to be unsatisfied with. This is my actual rant.
At the moment, I am unsatisfied with youngsters copying poor Sol Pais' whole website. Literally copying. Not doing something similar - to express their desperate and angsty selves. Only literal copying, and I just cannot see what it is good for.

I actually feel for that poor, unhappy Sol girl. I am sure she felt terrible and she was very lonely. I suppose she must have dwelled into a fantasy world where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were her friends. So sad.

Even sadder that there are so many copycats. I hope they will not copy her offline action, only the online thing.

Have something to say? Need a shoulder to cry on, after having seen this crap? Wanna discuss typography (or anything else)?
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